Wild Rift Summoner Spell Guide with Stats and Tier List

Welcome to our LOL Wild Rift Summoner Spell guide, in this guide, we will discuss the best summoners spell for each role. We also going to look at what each Summoners Spell does and how to use it. In Wild Rift, players can select two summoners before the match. The player can select the best summoners spells based on their champion and playstyle. So, let’s start, 

Wild Rift Summoner Spell Guide with Stats and Tier List

We have listed all Summoner Spell and what it does with stats and effects. In Wild Rift player can only select two Summoners Spell before the match, 

Name Effects and Stats  Best For?
Smite 1


Smite deals 400-1000 damage to monsters, including epic monsters and minions. When you smite a monster, it will restore 70(+10% of maximum Health).

After four smite hits, smite can be upgraded to the chilling smite and challenging smite. After upgrading, you can use smite on enemy champion also.

Hunting License: Earns 20% more experiences from the monsters.

Best Summoners Spell for Jungler

If you are playing as a jungler, you have no choice but to pick Smite as one of your Summoners Spell.



Ignites target enemy champion, dealing (60-410) true damage based on the champion level over 5 seconds and inflicting them with grievous wounds. Grievous wounds reduce healing effects by 50%.

Best Summoners Spell for Dragon lane Carry, ADC, Mid and Baron Lane

You can Ignite if you prefer an aggressive playstyle, or you can exhaust if you prefer a more controlled or defensive playstyle.



Restore (80-360) health based on the level and 30% movement speed for 1 second to you and most wounded ally nearby. (Cooldown: 120 seconds) Best Summoners Spell for Dragon Lane AD carry 

It is the best spell for AD carry in dragon lane as it provides healing for both player and their support.



Gains a burst movement that decays to 25% movement speed for 6 seconds (90 seconds). Best for Top Laners

It is the best spell for top lane tanky champions like Nasus and Dr Mundo.

Flash 1


Flash is undoubtedly the best spell for any champion you play. Flash is used to teleport your champion forward for any aimed direction. (Cooldown: 150 seconds)

Best Summoners for Each Role

In Wild Rift, almost every player uses the flash summoners spell because of its effectiveness. This means no matter whichever champion you are playing, your one summoners spell will be the flash.


Exhaust the enemy champion, reducing their movement speed by 20% and damage dealt by 40%  for 2.5 seconds (Cooldown: 105 seconds). Best for Dragon Lane support and Baron Lane

It is the best spell for supports in dragon lane support as it reduces the movement speed of the enemy and damage dealt.



Gain a shield that absorbs 115-465 (based on the level) damage for 2 seconds (Cooldown: 90 Seconds). Best Spell for Support and AD Carry 

It is one of the best spells for Dragon lane support and AD carry players as it provides a shield that protects them from (115-465) damage depending on the level.

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