How to get a House in Albion Online?

Albion Online is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online)game played by thousands of people worldwide. It is a sandbox simulator which means you can do anything like farming, crafting or PVP fights. If you are a beginner or a new player, then the first thing you should do is get a house in Albion Online open world for your character. 

In Albion Online, you can build a house on a medium-size building plot. When you build your house and set it as your home base, then you can use it to respawn every time you get killed in the game. Once you build a house, you can also make a small passive income through Laborers. So, now as you know the benefits of building the House in Albion Online, Let’s see the way to build one for your character,

How to get a House in Albion Online?

In Albion Online, Most players build their houses on their personal Island. So, if you want to build a house, you need to buy a personal island first. You can buy the Island from the “Island Merchant“. The Island will be attached to the city from where you are buying the Island, so make sure to select the city carefully before buying the Island. As in Albion Online, each city has is surrounded by different types of resources and challenges.

We have a detailed guide on “How to buy a Personal Island in Albion Island?” so make sure to check it out before buying the Island as we have shared some amazing tips and tricks in the guide that will help you buy a personal Island quickly.


Most players build their houses on their Island but not everyone. As if you are playing with a friend or part of a guild, you can also build your house on their Island. To Build a house on another players island, the Island owner have to assign you permission. If you build your home on Guild’s Island or your friend’s Island, they can help you in the construction by providing the resources, and you can share access to your home with your friends and build members.

If you are part of the Guild that stacked a claim on the part of the open-world or has guild territory, then you can also build a house on that. These places are often used as a storage facility for the guild members.

How to Build a House in Albion Online?

To build a house, you need to go to a concrete plot (building plot) on your Island, then select the house from the building menu and place it on the plot. Now, you have to deposit the material requires to build the house. The resources required to build a house vary from tier to tier.

Tier of House Tier 1 Wood  Tier 1 Wood Refined Stone

Tier of House Tier 1 Wood Tier 1 Stone Refined Stone
2 30 3 180 Tier 2 Stone
3 60 6 180 Tier 3 Stone
4 120 12 180 Tier 4 Stone
5 240 24 180 Tier 5 Stone
6 480 48 180 Tier 6 Stone
7 960 96 180 Tier 7 Stone
8 1920 192 180 Tier 8 Stone

Note: Data is collected from Albion Online Offical site

In Albion Online, the house can only have furniture up to its tier. For example, if you have a tier 4 house, then you can only place furniture up to tier 4 inside the house. When you upgrade the house, its storage capacity increases, and you can also place more Laborers. To upgrade the house, select the “Upgrade” from the building menu, and after that, you need to deposit the wood and stone of the same tier of your house. So we will need “60 tier 1 stone”, “6 tier 1 rock”, and “180 tier 3 stone” to upgrade the house.

What are the befits of owning a house in Albion Online?

We know many of you might be thinking that why should we build a house at all. Yes, you can play Albion online without ever building a house, but there are many benefits of building a house. The first major benefit of building a house is that it feels amazing when you build your house by yourself as nothing else is as beautiful as looking at your tier 7 or 8 house you have built. There are many other benefits like, 

  1. You can use your house to store materials. You can place some small or low tier chests inside your house as these chests provide storage space. Many Guilds uses their player’s house and guildhall to store their materials and items. 
  2. You can set your house as your respawn place. So, whenever or wherever you die in Albion Online, you will respawn in your house. You can also use it as a shortcut, give your loot to your friend or guild member and get your character killed. Your character will automatically be resawn in your house if you have selected your house as a “Home Base”.
  3. Players can also make some extra income through Laborers as players can place Laborer inside the house. The Laborer gives the journal to the player. Players have to go out in the world and perform the task associated with the Laborer, and the book fills up. Now, the player has to bring back the book to the Laborer. After that, Laborer will go out and accomplish the same thing themself and carry out gold, silver and other items depending on the type of Laborer. 

That’s it for this guide. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding this article, please use the comment section below. 

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