How To Level Up Cards Faster In Clash Royale?

Are you looking for the best methods to quickly level up your cards in Clash Royale? Well, then, you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will tell you all the best ways to level up cards Faster in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale is not a new game to anyone, nor does it requires any introduction. The game was developed and launched by the world-famous American-based company Supercell Inc. Ever since its release on 2nd March 2016. The game has seen exponential growth in the player base and its popularity. The Clash Royale offers you a fast-paced 3-5 minutes of competitive experience along with the card game’s satisfaction.

Now that you are done with the game’s introduction, let us look at the best ways you use to level up your cards faster.

5 Ways to Level Up Cards Faster in Clash Royale?

Let’s look at the ways to level up cards faster in Clash Royale

1. Climbing Up the Ladder

In Clash Royale with every arena that you unlock, you have the chance to unlock more cards and get more rewards from the chests. Now it should be a no-brainer that the legendary arena chests will obviously have more cards than an arena one chest.

Clash royale climb up trophies

So put it simply, if you want to level up cards faster and unlock more cards along the way, start by climbing trophies. After you reach the legendary arena, the price road resets every season, so you can win them each season, which will surely help you level up your cards faster.

2. Join A Clan

Joining a clan can help you out in many ways; one of the reasons why you should want to join a clan as soon as possible is because you can request donations for the card that you want from your clan mates. At different trophy levels, you will be allowed to request different cards; you can ask for 20-40 common cards and 2-4 rare cards, and on Sundays, you can ask for 2-4 epic cards.

Clash royale join a clan

They might not sound much, but they add up in the long run, imagine getting the cards you want the most every 7 to eight hours. The only card that I personally have maxed out is the arrows, and it wouldn’t have been possible without my clan mates.

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3. Use Trade Tokens

The trade tokens are used for trading cards between players, and this new token system can help you get the card that you want to level up pretty quickly. You can exchange one legendary for each legendary token, ten epic cards for each token, 50 rare cards for each token, and 250 common cards for each common token. You can earn tokens by climbing the trophy road or from the crown chests that unlock daily in the game.

Clash royale use trade tokens

To use the trading cards, you need to be in a clan; further, on the exchange page, you need an equal amount of cards of the same rarity to exchange successfully. So you need 50 extra rare cards to get the 50 rare cards that you want.

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4. Playing Challenges

Clash royale participate in challenges

Grand and global challenges are the two different types of challenges you can participate in in the game clash royale. The global challenges are fun events organized by the clash royale devs to keep the game more interesting, yes, they do offer chest keys and trade tokens, but they lack in gold and cards. However, the grand challenges, on the other hand, give you a lot of gold and cards, which you can use to level up your cards even further.

5. Participate In Clan Wars

Clan wars are a great way to make a bond with your clan members, and on top of that, the war chests rewards are too good to give up. Now you can get the clan wars chest even if you just attack once or help your clan in defence, but we recommend you to fight till the end and give it all you have got as the regard of the war chest depends on your clan ranking in the war.

Clash royale clan wars

So the higher your clan ranks, the more rewards you will get, including cards and gold, which will help you level up your favourite card even more.

We hope that the information provided in this article helped you level up your favourite card to the max level in Clash Royale. That is all for this article; if you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below.

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