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Top 5 Live Sports Apps for Firestick in October 2022 - TECHFORNERD

Top 5 Live Sports Apps for Firestick in October 2022

You might agree that nothing is as memorable for a sports fan as watching a live game in a stadium. Unfortunately, not all fans can often fulfil this dream. But, there are other ways to enjoy a live match.

Top 5 Live Sports Apps for Firestick in October 2022

You can stream a live game on projectors, TVs, laptops, PCs, and mobiles. I prefer watching a live match on a large screen. I have an Amazon Firestick that gives the overall best experience of watching a live game.

Several paid and unpaid apps are available for Firestick that you can use for streaming live matches. I prefer paid applications because free and unverified apps often stream copyrighted and illegal content.

1. Sling TV (Paid)

Sling TV is the first choice of several people because it is an ancient app(the first app to launch live TV through the internet). It is officially available in the USA only. However, you can always use a VPN to unblock geo-restricted content or to access your account from other countries.

The lowest subscription to Sling TV starts from $20 and can go as high as $50 monthly. You might need a solid internet connection to stream live games without buffering. You can save money by purchasing the basic package if you live alone.

However, the basic package only allows one screen at a time. You might want to buy a premium subscription if you need to share screens with someone else.

2. ESPN(Paid)

Watch Live Sports

ESPN is also one of the most used apps to stream live sports. ESPN is a bit more expensive than its competitors. But it is a decent option if you can spend some money to watch live sports on your Firestick. You can watch live sports like

  • Tennis,
  • Basketball,
  • Cricket,
  • Soccer,
  • Golf, and more sports like these.

ESPN has a dedicated exclusive channel for Firestick users that allows you to stream highlights, live sports, match analysis, and on-demand news. ESPN has been there for the last two decades and will be there for at least four more. 

3. OLA TV (Free)

OLA TV will be a good option if you want to save money on live TV subscriptions. OLA TV offers a vast library of satellite channels from the UK, USA, and Canada. 

You can find all the channels and categories on the home screen. This app lines up several channel categories according to your country. It has multiple servers located in several countries. You can immediately start streaming a live match after clicking on the category tab and selecting a channel.

OLA TV’s interface is a lot smoother than the competitors. It is compatible with remote navigation too. You might want to give it a try to save money.

You can also install third-party apps to stream live matches. However, third-party apps require sideloading, which means that you have to jailbreak your Firestick before you can install a third-party app on it.

4. DAZN(Paid)

Amazon Firestick 2

DAZN also allows you to buy various subscriptions to stream live sports. Apart from streaming live matches, you can also order on-demand sports matches and events. You can officially use DAZN in countries like

  • Canada,
  • The USA,
  • Germany,
  • Japan,
  • Italy,
  • Brazil and the list continues.

You might need a VPN to unblock geo-locked content in your country. You can also do the vice-versa(using the app in another country). DAZN provides live streaming of matches like

  • Seria A, Laliga, Ligue 1, 
  • UCL, UEL, Carabao Cup,
  • NFL,
  • ATP 250, and more.

One of the USPs of this app is that it offers a free one-month trial in which users can cancel the subscription any time they want. DAZN is available on almost all app stores.

5. Tea Sports Live (Free)

Tea Sports Live is a perfect app for people who love watching soccer. It allows you to stream live soccer matches from Italy, Spain, England, Germany, and France.

You can also stream live matches from European tournaments like UCL and UEL. Tea Sports Live also gives you replays, full highlights, analysis, statistics, and more to keep the fans entertained.

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Several apps are available on the Firestick store to stream live matches in HD quality. You can always sideload apps to stream movies, shows, live TV, and more.

I recommend using the official and paid apps because they provide copyright-free content. Free apps can trick you into streaming illegal or copyrighted content that can get you into legal trouble.

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