Coin Master Attack Madness: Stack Spins, XP and Coins

In Coin Master Attack Madness is an event in which you will be a reward for attacking your friends and other players’ villages. It doesn’t matter your attack destroys any building or not; you will be rewarded for the attack in this event.

The more advanced you go in the Coin Master attack madness event, the more attacks you need to do to get the reward, but it is worth it because it gets bigger every time. If you play Attack Madness casually, you might spend more spins than the spin you will get. So, it would be best if you play it wisely. To get the maximum benefit from the attack madness event, follow the tips and tricks mentioned below.

Tips and Tricks to win in Coin Master Attack Madness

Coin Master Attack Madness

The attack madness is an event in a Coin Master. So, save as many spins as possible before the event starts. The most efficient way to win in the attack madness is by playing 10 minimum bets after the attack. After 10 minimum bets, increase your bets to the maximum until you get the maximum reward. This method works in the attack madness very well because you will often get an attack option during the event.

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Advanced Tips and Tricks for Coin Master Attack Madness Event

If you want to get the most out of the Attack Madness event, you should note the tips and tricks we will share with you.

In this trick, you need to write down the number of spins you used between the attacks and then write down when you hit the raid. You might be thinking, what is the point of all this? When you write down the number of spins between the attack, you will find the pattern, and I did not need to tell you how you can use that for your advantage.

As when you have an attack ready, you can predict when the next attack is coming. You can reduce the bet and go to a minimum if the attack is not nearly, and then you can increase the bet when you know an attack is coming. This trick works most of the time. But the number of spins you need to get an Attack option is keeps changing. So, when your attack option is 4-5 spins away, don’t afraid to increase your bet to the maximum.

We know that this little bit complicated, but to win big in the attack madness, this is the only trick available right now. If you any new strategy or trick to win big in the Attack madness event, please let us know in the comment section below.

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Ara Mina

Every how many minutes the BLAST (coin master) appear?