How to block Attack in Coin Master?

Coin Master has gained so much popularity in recent years. Many people love playing Coin Master, including myself. But there is one thing that every one of us hated when you are saving coins for upcoming events, and your village gets attacked by your friend or someone else. And they took away all hard-earned coins that your saving for the future event like Viking quest. So, today I am going to share tips and tricks to block attack in Coin Master.

How to block Attack in Coin Master?

You need to know “how to block attack in coin master” if you don’t want your village destroyed by your opponent. Your friend or enemies can attack your village. Of course, you can use three shields to protect your village, and you can feed your pet rhino to guard your village. But still, enemies can destroy your expensive village in no time. So, if you don’t want to let your village destroyed, then hang on with us. Here is your guide on “How to block attack in Coin Master?”.

Coin Master

1. Don’t build your village until you have sufficient coins

The best tips to save your village from the attackers is not build. Yes, that sounds funny and crazy, but trust me, it is the best strategy. In this technique, I recommend you not to build your village until you have enough money to build an entire village at once. If you use this technique to build your village and if any enemy attacks you, they will find an empty village with no buildings. 

As you should build your entire village at once. To use this technique, you have to know the cost to make the whole village at every village level. You don’t need to worry about anything as we have already written an article on coin master village levels and their cost. 

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2. Protect attack with shields 

In this technique, you have to play until you ear 3 shields. After that, you can stop playing until 3 shields protecting your village. Once 3 shields get over you, have to play again until you have earned 3 shields. In this way, your village will always be protected by the attackers. As soon as you run out of the shields, spin the wheel until you earned them back. If you are low on spins, then don’t forget to collect your daily free spin. 

3. Use your pet to block an attack

 Coin master comes with many adorable and cute pets. These pets perform different tasks in Coin Master. To block the attack in Coin Master, you can use your rhino pet. The more you upgrade your rhino, the better it will become at protecting your village. And don’t forget to feed your pets to keep them active. 

Coin Master pet

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4. Use Ghost mode

Yes, ghost mode exists in the coin master. You can use ghost mode to protect your village from attackers. Ghost mode allows you to keep playing Coin Master without getting noticed by your friend. Ghost allows you to play the game, and you will appear offline in your friend’s list. 

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5. Ask your friend, not attack your village

If none of the above tips didn’t work for you, we are only left with this option. When your saving coins for the upcoming event or your next village, ask your friends not to attack you. By doing this, you can reduce your chances of getting attacked by your friends. 

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There is player attacking my village but when I try to revenge attack it says check internet connection this is only person it says this on I can revenge attack anyone else why is this

Lisa Moore

Mine too. How do we set that


I have someone constantly attacking my village who isn’t even on my friend list and they’ve been blocked on Facebook. That shouldn’t even be possible, but somehow it’s happening