TOP 10: Tips and Tricks to Play Coin Master like a Pro

If you are looking for “Tips and tricks to play Coin Master like a Pro,” then you landed in the right place as in this article, we will share “Top 10: Tips and tricks to play Coin Master like a pro”.

Millions of people love playing Coin Master worldwide, including myself. So, if you want to stay ahead of everyone, then you really need to know some hidden tips and tricks that will help to grow your village a lot faster. These tips and tricks help you get huge rewards like Free Spins and Coins, Free pet food, and a Rare and golden card. So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin.

Top 10: Tips and tricks to play Coin Master like a Pro

1. Don’t Forget to Collect your daily Bonus

I have seen many players who forget to collect their daily bonus. Even if you are not going to play on a specific day, you should collect your daily bonus as it hardly takes 5 minutes to collect your daily bonus. It sounds fundamental but trusts me; it will help you in the long run.

Coin Master provides a huge amount of Coins and spins in the form of a daily bonus. If you regularly collect your daily bonus, it will help you progress faster in the game. To collect your daily bonus, log in to the Coin Master, and collect free spins rewards.

I know many players prefer to play coin master only on weekends, but it hardly takes 5 minutes to collect your daily bonus.

2. Participate and complete all the event

There are many interesting events in coin master. You can win huge rewards by participating in these events. Here is the list of some popular Coin Master events:

1. Diamond Rush

Diamond Rush is one of the Coin Master’s best events to earn a huge amount of Coins and Spins. 

2. Ultra-Attack Master 

You need to spin the wheel in the events, and you will get a huge reward when the wheels stop at the three ultra signs. 

3. Viking Quest 

Viking Quest is one of the biggest events you will get in the Coin Master. You can win a huge amount of spins, coins, free pet food, and a rare and golden card in Viking Quest. We detailed articles on Viking Quest Tips and tricks

4. Ultra-Raid Madness 

Like the Ultra-attack master in this event, you have to spin the wheel, and you will get rewarded when the wheel stops at the three ultra signs, and you will get the chance to raid a player. 

5. Jackpot Event

As per the name of this event, you can really win a jackpot of huge rewards. In this event, you win rewards like free spins, Coins, and cards.

3. Understand the Slot Machine

coin master shield

If you want to become a pro in the Coin Master, you need to understand the slot machine. As if you use the slot machines in the right way, then you earn huge benefits.

The slot machine in the Coin Master is the same as the one you find in the casino. To win big in the slot machine, you need to match a pattern, and when the specific pattern comes, you will be rewarded. The rewards you can win from the slot machine are:

1. Shield

You will get a shield as a reward when the wheels stop on the three shields. Shields use to protect your village when you are away.

2. Hammer

When you get 3 Hammers on the slot machine, you will get the hammer as a reward. You can use this hammer when you are attacking a village. You can use this hammer only once, so use it wisely. If shields cover the village, you cannot use a hammer in that village, and If you attack the village covered by a shield, you will receive a small number of coins share the village has.

3. Free Spins

When you get the 3 capsules as a reward, you will get free spins as a reward. You can store these spins and use them later. 

4. Coins

When you get the 3 free spins as a reward, you will get free Coins. 

5. Huge bonus of Coins

When your slot machine wheels stop on the Coin pouches, you will get a huge amount of coins as a reward. 

4. Complete your Card Collection before entering the new Village

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One of the biggest mistakes that new players make in the Coin Master is that they keep unlocking new village levels without completing the card collections. 

You might wonder why we call it a mistake, as unlocking a village is a good thing. There is a catch you will receive a card according to your village level in a Coin Master. If you upgrade your village levels without completing the card collection, you might miss out on the cards that you can easily get on a lower level. 

The cards you will receive in the Coin Master is dependent on your current village level. So, collect all the cards possible before upgrading your village level on the Coin Master. If you don’t collect cards properly, you might spend the joker on the card, which you can easily get on the lower village level. 

If you want to know more about the Coin Master’s cards and get free rare and golden cards in the Coin Master, we have detailed an article on it. 

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5. Spend Your Coins wisely 

One of the best things you can do in the Coin Master is to spend your Coins as fast as possible. I know this sounds crazy but let me explain to you, Coin Master is all about preparing a village, defending it, and then upgrading to a new one. As other players can raid or attack your village when you go offline and take all your hard-earned coins in seconds. 

If you are not saving money for any upcoming events, it is better to spend them building or upgrading the structure. 

You can use another way to stay ahead of your friends and competitors by building your whole village at once. This way, whenever anyone attacks your village, they will find an empty village. In this technique, you have collected as many coins as possible to build the whole village at once. After you build the whole village, you will be migrated to a new level. So if anyone attacks or raids you, they will find an empty village. 

We have a detailed article to find the Coin Master’s total village levels and their costs. You can use this cost as a target point and collect the coins, and once if you have enough coins, build the whole village. 

6. Invite your friends to play the game

If you have not connected Coin Master with your Facebook account till now, then do it immediately. Coin Master has an exciting referral program in which if any person joins using your referral link, you will get a reward. This cool way of earning exciting rewards by inviting your friends and family, and when they join, you will get the reward. On top of that, you can enjoy the game with your friends and family. 

Inviting a friend or family member is easy just copy your referral link send them using social media. You will receive 25 free spins when you invite someone.

7. Keep unlocking a new village Level 

In coin master, the village level determines the player level in the game. So, to increase your village level, you have to keep unlocking the new village level in the Coin Master. But, as we discussed earlier, rushing through a village level is not always the best choice as you might miss out on card collections. 

So, I recommend you to use the “building the whole village at once” technique. As in this technique, you do not need to worry about the raiders taking away a large portion of coins. 

Things to keep in mind before upgrading the village level:

  1. Build the whole Village at once 
  2. Collect all the cards and complete all the card collection, which is possible

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8. Defend your Village 

There three ways to protect your village from the attacks:

  1. By using the shields 
  2. By upgrading the pets 
  3. Ghost mode

Basically, Coin Master is a game of raid and defend where you have to attack the villages of other players and protect your village from all the attackers. If you are saving huge amounts of coins for upcoming events, I recommend you purchase a shield from the shop to defend your village when you are away. 

Another way to protect your village is by using your pet. You can use your pet to defend your village for up to 4 hours. You can upgrade your pets using the XP Coins, which you can earn in many events. 

And the last trick you can use to protect your village is by using the ghost mode. We have a detailed article on “what is ghost mode,” “how to activate ghost mode,” and everything you need to know about ghost mode. 

9. Get free pet food and XP 

Coin Master Pets

As many of you know, it is challenging to get pet food in Coin Master. The easiest way to get pet food is by purchasing it from the shop, but it will cost you money. 

Now, you don’t need to worry as I have discovered the trick, which will give you free pet food and XP. 

Steps to get free pet food and XP:

1. Spend all your coins. 

2. Now, leave your account for two to three days. 

3. In these days, the enemy will destroy your village. 

4. Now, when you build a small portion of your village, you will be rewarded with free pet food and XP. 

5. Use this XP to upgrade your pets. 

10. Smart Raids 

In this trick, just take your pets with you when you go for an attack or raids. Pets will help you to earn extra coins as per their abilities. 

For example, foxy will help you to earn an extra reward when attacking. 

So, before raiding or attacking someone, follow these simple steps: 

1. Give food or treat to your pets. These will activate them for four hours. 

2. After activating the pet, increase your bet and go for the attack. 

3. You will get approx 70% more rewards when you attack with your pets. 

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