Coin Master Frequently Asked Questions

I love playing coin master every day whenever I get free time. Coin Master is very addictive and fun to play game. Millions of people love playing coin master every day. I have written articles on different Coin Master topics, whether it is ghost mode, how to win big in a Viking quest, and much more. But there still many questions I am getting from my readers related to Coin Master everyday. In this article, I will answer as many questions as possible related to the Coin Master. 

Coin Master Frequently Asked Questions

Coin Master Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Block a Friend in a Coin Master 

If your friends are targeting you and keep attacking or raiding your village, you need to remove them from the game to play the game peacefully. But, sadly, there is no way to remove the friend from the game unless you unfriend them from Facebook. If you unfriend someone from Facebook, it will take around 24 hours to get updated in the game. If your close friend targets you in the game, it is better to ask them instead of unfriending them from Facebook. 

2. What is Ghost Mode in Coin Master? 

Ghost mode is a technique that allows you to play the game as a ghost. It means you can play Coin Master, and you will appear offline on your friend list. This is very beneficial when you save coins for the upcoming event and are afraid that any friend will attack or raid you. We have a complete detailed article on Ghost mode in Coin Master, so make sure to check it out. 

3. How to disable or remove Ghost mode in Coin Master? 

It is pretty easy to disable ghost mode in Coin Master just log in again with your Facebook id that’s it. 

4. Coin Master unlimited spins hack? 

I receive lots of comments and emails, all asking about the same thing, how to hack coin master, and get unlimited free spins. I don’t want to disappoint you, but there no such thing exists. In a word, you cannot hack Coin Master. If you change the game data, it will gate reset when it connects with the server. 

Note: We do not promote any cheating or hacking-related activity in any game. We strongly believe in a fair play environment in every game and encourage you to do the same. 

5. Coin Master levels to stay on? 

 There are certain village levels in the Coin Master, which gives more loots and spins compared to other levels. So, if you know you are on that level, then it is very beneficial to stay on that for a little bit longer. These levels are called boom levels in Coin Master. We have a detailed article on the Coin Master boom village level and their list, so make sure to check it out. 

6. Coin Master shield hack? 

coin master shield

As we have mentioned earlier, it is impossible to hack coin master, and we don’t promote this kind of activity.

6. How to block a raid in Coin Master? 

There are many ways you can use to protect your village from attackers and raiders. 

1. Don’t build a village until you have enough coins (An advantageous technique I am personally using this)

2. Use shield in the right way 

3. Activate Ghost Mode

4. Use Ghost Mode 

5. Ask your friends not to attack your village for a while

I have written a detailed article on How to protect your village from attack and raids in Coin Master

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7. How to complete area 51 card set in Coin Master? 

Area 51 is the name of the card set in Coin Master. You will get a massive amount of coins and spins when you complete the card set in Coin Master. I have written a detailed article on Coin Master card sets and how to complete the card sets in Coin Master, so make sure to check it out.

7. How many shields can you have in Coin Master?

Previously you can have a maximum of 3 shields in Coin Master, but then after the update, you can now equip 5 shields in Coin Master.

8. How to fix connection error in Coin Master? 

If you are facing a connection issue in Coin Master, then I recommend you to shut down the Coin Master and relaunch it completely. If you are playing Coin Master with Facebook, then log out and log in again using Facebook. You will not lose any progress when you re-login in the Coin Master. 

9. Why can’t I send cards in Coin Master? 

If you are unable to send the cards or spins to your friends, then I recommend you to restart the Coin Master completely. To restart the Coin Master, log out the Coin Master, remove the game from the recent task, and log in again using Facebook. Mostly like this will resolve your issue. 

10. Coin Master connection lost during the attack? 

This is very unfortunate when you lost connection during the attack. So, if you are facing this unfortunate situation, then I have a couple of solutions you can try. 

1. Restart the game 

2. Check your internet connection

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Download: Android emulator Bluestack to play Coin Master on PC

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